Thursday, June 25, 2009


Suspecting a pinched nerve in my neck, my doctor prescribed vicodin. I undergo a MRI tomorrow.

Pushing through the pressure I feel between my eyes, I fall into a pleasant journey. I’m on a barge propelled by unseen engines that purr quietly enough that I can hear the languid current of this river swirl against the side of the craft. Towering trees of blossoms line the shoreline, and a garden scent floats on the air.

On board, a gazelle gently nuzzles my hand. Peacocks parade on the deck. I pass beneath the dark eyes of lemurs murmuring blessings. I’m uncertain of the destination, but having embarked from a place called Pain any other venue is fine, fine, fine.


anno said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about this, but glad you've found temporary relief until your physician determines a longer-term cure... Hope you are feeling better soon!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I hope you can get some longer lasting relief as a result of the MRI today.

As your post shows, you can see why vicodin has been the blissful ruin of so many.

Acedog said...

Anno & Jen: I'm hopeful that doctor will come up with a recommendation to address a long term recovery for me. I'm well aware that vicodin is a temporary "fix."
Thank you both for your wishes!

Betsy said...

I've always wondered about vicodin after hearing Terra Naomi's song about it.

Your contact with the Gazelle reminded me of my first post-partum hour after giving birth to Bram. They'd given me demoral and I spent a pleasant hour or so marveling at the barnyard animals which went parading past the door of the delivery room!

I hope that you find yourself on the road to recovery very soon and that you can bid the lemurs and peacocks a fond farewell...