Sunday, May 16, 2010


I visited the home and studio of my friend the artist Paul Nehring on an autumn day. Among the many curios laying about I saw several casts of faces on the ground.

Here they lay, the perfect opportunity for a "portrait." I wouldn't have to worry about the subject blinking, moving, or otherwise ruining the shot.

As bad luck would have it, however, my camera's battery wore down. I recall snapping these two shots quickly and hoping there was enough juice left for the camera to function.


anno said...

Well, whether you wanted me to or not, I'm laughing, in a commiserating kind of way. Am ALWAYS worried about batteries..

But somehow, laughter aside, both the pictures and the anecdote work together as a single revealing gesture: an interesting study.

anno said...

Just put this together with the previous post, and realized that these are a pairing as well. Eerie to think of these casts scattered about, like masks waiting to come to life.