Sunday, March 28, 2010

When the Living is Easy

In Minnesota summer is a brief yet thorough thaw from a near ever-present winter. As it approaches, tender green shoots poking through the earth, plans for this brief season tease my ambition.

There is the garden to ready and plant. Last year's bountiful crop of tomatoes and squash have inspired plans for expansion to include raspberries and carrots.

There is a themed-plan of study to undertake, recent interests leaning toward masculine archetypes and spirituality.

There are body-based meditative practices I've encountered and tried, and that provide me a settling-in-coming-home experience.

There are two writing projects. Both of these--one fiction, the other a memoir--have been fallow for some time and invite further effort.

Yet, with plenty to do I long for sun-soaked leisure, sun-light filtering through a glass of pinot-grigio, bird song in the bushes, and the company of friends of family.


anno said...

Sounds like spring is taking you by surprise as well, with the green shoots of all kinds of wonderful things that need attention. Might be worth enjoying that pinot grigio now, before the season fully sets in.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Me, too... sun... come on IN!!!